Discover The Value of NIEM

NIEM offers a common vocabulary that enables effective information exchange across diverse public and private organizations. 

NIEM can save time and money by providing consistent, reusable data terms and definitions, and repeatable processes.

NIEM provides a working and collaborative partnership among governmental agencies, operational practitioners, systems developers, and standards bodies across Federal, State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, International and Private organizations.

Increase efficiency and agility

Organizations can reuse NIEM’s common vocabulary, the engineering behind it, and standardized exchange development process to meet their specific requirements.

Connect with a community

Subject Matter Experts develop reliable, reusable content to meet community needs. NIEM has model content for 17 domains, which are community-specific business areas.

Facilitate understanding

NIEM provides an understanding of data grounded in a consensus-based vocabulary, and interoperate and act as one while maintaining authority of their own existing systems.

Open-Source Technology

NIEM allows different systems to talk to each other even if they use different programming languages. Users just need to agree on the definition and structure for the data exchange.

The Basics of NIEM

If I say "vessel" and you say "boat", and he says "ship" and she says "conveyance", we may mean the same thing, but we have no way to tell our computer systems to treat the words as having the same meaning. Until we do, we'll all have separate facts about the same world—pieces of the big puzzle—but no common understanding or way to connect them.

This is the idea behind NIEM. It lets your system and my system speak—even if they've never spoken before—by ensuring that information carries the same consistent meaning across various communities.

Rather than starting from scratch, NIEM can save organizations time and money by providing consistent, reusable, and repeatable data terms, definitions, and processes.


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NIEM Governance Principles

Product Interoperability


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Collaborative Community



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NIEM provides an extensive data model and dictionary, as well as a mature lifecycle, training curriculum, help desk, and program support. NIEM also allows a community of diverse stakeholders to agree on a common vocabulary.


Technical Steering Committees (TSCs)

Technical Steering Committees are made up of members from the community who are chosen based on merit and confirmed by the Project Governing Board.


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How You Benefit

NIEM has reached a level of maturity where it will benefit from a more formal collaboration guided by a recognized standards development process that ensures transparency, participation, stability, reciprocity, and ease of access both during the development and long after the project is complete. OASIS provides all of this and is an ANSI accredited developer.