NIEM allows all kinds of organizations to save time, money, and resources, connect with each other, and focus on what matters most—solving problems, reducing risks, and advancing even the most complex missions.

Increase efficiency and agility

Why re-create the wheel? Organizations can reuse NIEM’s common vocabulary, the engineering behind it, and standardized exchange development process to meet their specific requirements. This reduces the number of development efforts, eases long-term maintenance, conserves resources, and promotes consistency—ultimately leading to enhanced mission capabilities.

Facilitate a common understanding

NIEM provides an understanding of data grounded in a consensus-based vocabulary, and enables organizations to move information across organizational boundaries in order to interoperate and act as one while maintaining authority of their own existing systems.

Use technology that works for you

NIEM allows different systems to talk to each other even if they use different programming languages or operating systems. NIEM exchanges don’t require a particular database backend such as SQL or Oracle, and can work with any adapter. Participants just need to agree on the definition and structure for the data in the exchange while NIEM provides this foundation.

Achieve the information exchange needs for today and tomorrow

NIEM allows for adaptability, extendibility, and growth by constantly evolving with the needs of the community. Investing in NIEM is an investment in your future that positions your organization to be flexible and agile when meeting tomorrow’s requirements.

Connect with a community

For over 10 years, government and private industry have worked together to use NIEM to address common problems. Subject matter experts develop reliable, reusable content in NIEM to meet community needs. As those needs evolve, NIEM allows for flexibility and growth. NIEM’s active user community includes members from different mission spaces so you always have a place to turn for expert information and guidance.

Discover the power of NIEM through real-world results

Using NIEM as a foundation, governments and organizations have been able to achieve some pretty amazing things. Visit the Success Stories page to learn more.