NIEMOpen is building an open ecosystem where data exchanges interoperate without the need for customized integrations. Our mission is to increase interoperability across both private and government organizations by developing and promoting sets of common code, tooling, and standards to simplify integration across the development lifecycle. Collaborate with other leading organizations to help make standards-based, interoperable data exchanges a reality.

Technical participation is free and open to all developers. That’s why the NIEMOpen relies on a core group of stakeholder organizations whose financial commitment ensures that the initiative stays on track and receives the resources it needs to succeed.

Why should your company become a member?

NIEMOpen is a collaborative community with open governance. By joining NIEMOpen, your company is taking an active role to shape the future of the security ecosystem and drive interoperability between data exchanges that benefit the entire community. You will:

  • Get recognized as part of a global alliance of leaders committed to an open source data exchange
  • Take advantage of shared community development to accelerate and augment your own R&D
  • Help build consensus on key data exchange issues
  • Get short-listed by prospective customers who require interoperable solutions
  • Ensure the success of NIEMOpen by helping fund services the community relies on
  • Gain the ability to interoperate in an ecosystem with other industry leaders
  • Grow your network within the data exchange industry
  • Collaborate safely with potential partners and competitors supported by within the solid governance provided by OASIS

As a member, you’ll ensure the success of NIEMOpen by providing funding for the services the community relies on. Your dues will help provide that’s necessary for NIEMOpen's technical administration, IP management, governance, collaboration tools, community support, outreach, event services, and other vital services/incentives for technical contributions.

Membership Benefits

2024 Annual Membership Dues

Premier Sponsor

For industry leaders and innovators that want to grow their market and demonstrate the highest level of commitment to an open source community

$70,000 / year

  • Allocated funding for extra services needed by NIEM
  • Maximum promotional benefits
  • Elevated recognition in NIEM press releases and analyst briefings

General Sponsor

For vendors, end users, government agencies, and organizations that want to help advance an Open Project and be recognized for their support

Organization Size Dues / Yearly
2,000+ employees $31,500
500-1,999 employees $19,000
100-499 employees $12,500
10-99 employees $6,300
<10 employees $2,600
Non-profit, University,
Local or non-OECD Government

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